Wednesday, July 2, 2014

RAG's 4th Annual Group Exhibition


                               Redfern Artists Group present


                    4th group exhibition by
                     Redfern Artists Group 
                    Opens 6pm Wednesday 
                    15th October 2014
                    at 107 Projects
                    107 Redfern St Redfern
                    Sydney, Australia

We have a fab line up of artists for this year's exhibition, 
the 4th group show by Redfern Artists Group

Our RAG artists for 2014's
"HOME" show are:

Jo Tracy
Karin Hasse
Julie Doye
Jill Mayne
Jude Williams
Alex Smith
Alison Burke
Gaylene Smith
Bridget Lafferty
Sid Sledge


with an opening night performances by special guests, live music and

 a licensed bar

Redfern Artist's Group 4th Annual Group Exhibition
Opens 6pm October 15th 2014 
at 107 in Redfern

                                          Image by Sid Sledge

                                         Image by Jo Tracy

                                         Image by Julie Doye

                                          Image by Bridget Lafferty

(more to come)

What do you think about when you get home, when you leave home, when you're at home, or when you hear or see the word "home"?
Are you lucky enough to live in one? and do you feel safe and secure in it?
It is a comfortable space or a depressing place?
Are you as snug as a bug in a rug ? or feel as if any moment the rug will be pulled out from under you?
Is home where you feel most "yourself"? or are you still looking for "somewhere" to feel at "home"?

Homes are a relatively recent concept for a us humans who've been on walkabout for most of ur existence.
Before we settled in permanent structures, we decorated our temporary dwellings, our caves and our bodies, we made jewellry to trade and art, stories, songs, dance and language to share our individualism with others and to unify our various cultures.

RAG artists have a huge scope with this topic...anything from a cardboard box to planet earth
and layers of conceptual ideas in between. Who knows what we'll come up with?

My sources tell me that there'll be some upcycling and recycling involved in the pruduction of some artworks...stay tuned :)

Looking forward to seeing you all at the opening and around Redfern.

Jo Tracy
Founder of Redfern Artists Group 
Twitter: @RAG_artist

Keep an eye out for regular updates both here and on the 
Redfern Artists Group Face book page
and on Twitter @RAG_artist

I've seen some of the new "HOME" RAG works in progress and 
this is shaping up to be our BEST RAG show yet!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

That time of year again when RAG artists are planning and working on our yearly group exhibition.
We have 10 RAGsters this year exhibiting...all highly motivated and passionate artists exploring their own interpretations of the theme of "Home"

opens on October 15th 2014
at 107 in Redfern

More details soon.
Home is where the art is!


Descend from the mountain tops
And you can feel my heart
As if we were never apar
I'm home
Oh, I'm home
I'm home
Oh, I'm home


I call, I call the spirit
He can't hear it
My voice
My choice

I'm home
Oh, Im' home
I'm home
Oh, I'm home

I'm breaking down words
To see the birds, oh high
And now I see
Oh yes
I now can see
Oh yes
Now I can see
The reason why
Home means so much to me

 A reminder about last year's show
LOCAL PRODUCT which was a big success 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Opens at 6pm on Thursday October 17th 
and continues until Sunday 27th October
at 107 Projects in Redfern in Sydney

New works by RAG artists Jo Tracy, Julie Doye and Karin Hasse with performances by Dorothy Johnson and Jess Cook

Sculpture, painting, mixed media, digital photography and spoken word.

RAG will also be holding a workshop, in a stall within the exhibition, as part of the City Of Syney's
Gararge Sale Trail on Saturday October 26th
Commencing at 2pm with tickets available from
The City Of Sydney

You can also help Redfern Artists Group by
supporting and promoting our 
fundraising project
recently launched on Pozible

               Sneak Preview: "Joe's Hardware" oil on linene work in progress by Jo Tracy

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Redfern Artists Group present "Local Product" opening Thursday October 17, 2013 at 107 Projects in Redfern

                                   Redfern Artists Group
                                   "LOCAL PRODUCT" 

                                          OPENS: THURSDAY OCTOBER 17Th 2013
                                                                  107 PROJECTS
                                                107 REDFERN STREET, REDFERN. 
                                                            SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA


Local Product” opens at 107 Projects in Redfern on October 17th and is the third group exhibition by RAG (Redfern Artists Group).
Three RAG artists, Jo Tracy, Karin Hasse and Julie Doye explore their relationship with Redfern using painting, sculpture, photography and digital media. Spoken word legend Jess Cook and our newest indigenous member, Dorothy Johnson, will be performing Redfern inspired pieces.

Local Product” opens 6pm Thursday October 17th 2013 at
107 Projects, 107 Redfern Street, Redfern and runs until
Sunday 27th of October.

On Saturday 26th October 107 Projects will be hosting The Garage Sale Trail, thousands of garage sales across Australia all on the one Day.
To coincide with the Garage Sale Trail at 107, RAG will have a stall conducting art classes, talks and workshops alongside “Local Product” exhibition.

For more info on “Local Product” and RAG info, contact
107 Projects Inc
and check out 
Redfern Artists Group Facebook Page

RAG founder Jo Tracy is also on Twitter at @RAG_artist and @jot_au

Monday, August 27, 2012


 Redfern Artists Group present a response to the spirit of revolt sweeping the globe.
Opens Wednesday 20th August at 6pm at FIRE GALLERY aka LITTLE FISH
22 Enmore Road Newtown.
Sydney, NSW

Monday, June 4, 2012


Cigdem Aydemir


Opening 21 June 6pm

Gallery open 22 June -
1 July 2012
11am - 4pm
(Closed 25-26 June)

Chrissie Cotter Gallery
Pidcock Street,

(dis)position is a series of photographs and video that explore polarities of racial and religious identity whilst parodying existing methods of quantifiable categorisation.  (dis)position is also a self-referential look at Muslimness and reflects the anxieties in reconciling conflicting parts of self.

Image: Locomotion 1 (detail), from The Attitude of Muslims in Motion, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Photos from RAGTIME

"Old Man in Woolloomooloo" mixed media on paper by Justine Muller....and selected for the Dobel Prize